Week2 - Week Two Tuesday January 29 Asian American history...

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Unformatted text preview: Week Two Tuesday, January 29 Asian American history is changing with Asian American historians broadening the geographical and temporal boundaries of what counts as Asian American history > temporal related to time/ date > when it first emerged focused on 1848 > ASAM history begins in 1848 > discovery of gold at sutters mill in California >attracted ppl from china > recent years, b/c they have broadened boundaries, some ASAM historians say that ASAM historians claim it began in 1700s >Spanish galleons carried Chinese/Filipnos, carrying them from manila to Acapulco mexico? > they jumped off these ships and settled in Mexico and Louisiana bayou Overview of Essays and Documents in Chapter 2, Colonization, Pacific Markets, and Asian Labor Migration Structure and Agency Earlier traces of an Asian American past are featured in the segment The Bering Strait and Unsung Sailors from the public radio show series entitled Crossing East (a sound recording available at the Media Resource Center SOUND/ D 214) Two other ways to view Asian American History before 1848: 1700s Northeast port districts and port cultures, and mid-nineteenth century Chinese and Asian Indian coolie labor View film excerpt on sailors from Part One of Loni Dings Ancestors in the Americas (available at the Media Resource Center VIDEO/C 9659) T. Y. Lins Intercontinental Peace Bridge Thursday, January 31 Chinafornia with photographs by Reagan Louie and text by Michael Zielenziger in the January 2006 issue of California, an alumni magazine of UC Berkeley; available at http://alumni.berkeley.edu/calmag/200601/chinafornia.asp- in California 10% asian- half of Chinese immigrants live in California- 20% bay area, 30% SF asian descent >> signs of California-china connection- Trade: pirating of software (creates tension)- culture: need to understand feng sui to close real estate deals; tai chi, Chinese medicine (acupuncture); food (dim sum)- technology transfer: wave of Taiwanese engineers> schooling @ cal, jobs in silicon valley; now many from mainland China.>> create startup businesses in mainland China- environment: coal fr. Chinese factories>> pollution moves to other nations- babies: adoption of Chinese children; more Chinese babies are adopted by US parents than any other nation in the world (7900 oct 04-sept 05) > connection dates back to the 2 nd half of the 19 th century...
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Week2 - Week Two Tuesday January 29 Asian American history...

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