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Chapter 1 lecture notes - effective = work quality/quantity...

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MARKETING- CHAPTER 1 6/6/08 What do managers do??? -functions Fayol 1) planning 2) organizing 3) leading 4) controlling -roles Mintzberg 1) interpersonal roles 2) informational roles 3) Decisional roles *** be able to recognize the role**** -activities Luthans- KNOW LUTHANS FOR EXAM! 1) traditional management decision making, planning. Organizing, controlling 2) communications exchanging information, processing paperwork 3) human resource management motivating, disciplining, managing conflict, staffing, trianing 4) networking socializing, politicking, interacting with others ***effective managers focus in communication *** ***successful managers network!*** successful = speedy promotion
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Unformatted text preview: effective = work quality/quantity, employee satisfaction-skills Katz 1) technical skills knowledge and proficiency in specific field 2) human skills ability to work well with other people 3) conceptual skills ability to think and conceptualize about abstract and complex situations Skills needed at Different Management levels-technical skills really important starting out but become less important as you move up most important with lower-level managers-conceptual skills very important at highest levels top managers-need human skills for all levels of management lower-level, middle, and top managers...
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