chapter 2 lecture notes - MAN 320F- CHAPTER 2 NOTES 6/10/08...

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MAN 320F- CHAPTER 2 NOTES 6/10/08 General administrative theorists- looks at organizations and sees what is the best way to set them up -theory of authority based on an ideal type of organization (bureaucracy) rationality, predictability, impersonality, technical competence, authoritarianism Weber’s Ideal Bureaucracy : -division of labor -career orientation -authority hierarchy -impersonality -formal rules and regulations -formal selection -struggle with bureaucracy now because too strict to adapt to change Henry Fayol -came up with 4 management functions -“14 principles of management” -agreed with Weber in 6 ways How do we use theories today? -Fayol foundation for many current management concepts -Weber many bureaucracy characteristics evident in large organizations ~ensure resources are used efficiently and effectively ~minimizes creativity ~inhibits quick response to change -early theories TASK ORIENTED! Quantitative approach -use math and statistics to figure out how to manage things -evolved to solve WWII logistics and quality control problems -improve managerial decision making by applying: statistics, optimization models, information models, and computer simulations, work scheduling, resource allocation, inventory management How do we use it today? -tools you use to budget, scheduling, quality control
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chapter 2 lecture notes - MAN 320F- CHAPTER 2 NOTES 6/10/08...

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