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Name and ID Number: Section: Lab Partner: Total Points = 60 pts (5 pts notebook, 55 pts template) Part I: Preparing Standard Solutions and a Calibration Curve DATA, GRAPHS AND CALCULATIONS 1 pt Concentration (M) Absorbance 1.25E-05 0.15 2.50E-05 0.35 2 pts 3.75E-05 0.54 5.00E-05 0.7 6.25E-05 0.92 Purpose and Method Part I: The purpose is to learn how to prepare standard solutions to generate a calibration curve. Explain how this is accomplished in this experiment. What calculations do you need to perform? What measurements will be made? [Do not provide experimental details here]. How do you go from calculated/measured values to accomplishing the stated purpose? ( 5 pts ) Ferroin solutions with known concentrations are prepared. With the use of a spectrometer, the amount of light that these solutions absorb will then be determined. This information can then be used to plot a calibration curve. The concentration of the final solution can be determined by comparing it to the original calibration curve. In order to prepare the solutions with known concentrations, we must calucate the amount of stock solution necessary to prepare each. Each solution each an exact known concentration will then be measured with the spectrometer. The soltuion with the highest concentration will be used to determine λ max (the optimum wavelength for analyzing ferroin). The absorbance of all other solutions are then determined and plotted at this wavelength.
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lab 2 - Name and ID Number: Section: Lab Partner:...

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