5-28-08 Psych127

5-28-08 Psych127 - Psychology 127 Abnormal Psychology May...

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Psychology 127 Abnormal Psychology May 28, 2008 Extra Office Hours (To Review Tests) o Friday: 11am-12:30pm – Jennifer’s Office Saturday Review Session on June 7 th – Around 10-2pm Sexuality (what is normal and what is abnormal?) – Range of behaviors o When HIV hit, we did not know what was normal and what was abnormal o People’s sexual behavior varies: what stage in the relationship, age, people 55 and over still engage in sexual activity, anal sex is not just done by “bad” people but a wide range, o Known differences in sexual behavior: Gender differences: greater percentage of men engage in masturbation (3x greater for males than females) The gap between premarital sex has lessened: 75% and 73% approve of premarital sex (before 1943: 40% men and 17% women approved) Time, religion, age-cohort (if you look at your grandmother’s view now and your view when u turn her age – the views will be different) Arousal Stimuli: (Women show arousal to male and female images) – men do not show arousal to male images Sexual Scripts: beliefs about yourself and others in terms about their sexuality – women are much more conservative and conflicts in sexual activity and behavior – men are more liberal and less embarrassed Cultural practices may vary in terms of sexual behavior (ex. In New Guinea people believe that semen is not produced naturally and young boys around 7 years old engage in oral sex with boys around their age and semen will help them grow up strong) Homosexuality runs in families: monozygotic twins more than dizygotic twins Brain structure, finger digit length, handed-ness, … Talking to your kids about sexuality does not make them go out and have sex Those young adults who were only given HIV education that involved abstinence – were not more likely in engaging in sexual activity – the more informed you were and the risks and methods of ways you can get infected
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5-28-08 Psych127 - Psychology 127 Abnormal Psychology May...

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