6-1-08 Psych127

6-1-08 Psych127 - Psychology 127 Abnormal Psychology June...

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Psychology 127 Abnormal Psychology June 2, 2008 Missed 15 min Fetishes o Objects of clothing: kissing, smelling, touching, etc. o Not Fetish: Non-human object: vibrator (sexual aids) Transvestism – cross-dress: sexually excited Petaphellia – when a person has a preference or an obligatory need to get turned on with children and they don’t prefer adults (preference is children) o Homosexual petafiles – men who like boys o Heterosexual petafiles –men like girls o Or they like both o Men tend to have petafiles more than women – more common Exhibitionism – person to show their genitals to a stranger to get sexual pleasurel– don’t have to have sex with stranger – the flasher o The person is not having sexual acts – only showing, and these people don’t tend o Typically a man that has experienced a humiliation and they try to humiliate someone else (violate/humiliate them in that way) Boiyerism – sexual arousal from someone disrobing o People who do this: is done with a stranger (secrecy adds to the excitement) o Tend to do this secretly: peeping toms (spying on the person) o Looking and fantasizing to achieve sexual pleasure Satism – sexual pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering o They need this infliction of pain to be sexually aroused – seeing someone suffering
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6-1-08 Psych127 - Psychology 127 Abnormal Psychology June...

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