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5-5-08 Psych127 Lecture 10

5-5-08 Psych127 Lecture 10 - o Different types of...

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Psychology 127 Abnormal Psychology May 5, 2008 Lecture 10 Review: o Schizophrenia A Eloisa – difficulty in amount of speech (brief replies, no content) Can teach people social skills Anhedonia - An(not) hedonia (pleasure) lack of pleasure with people that have schizophrenia Loss of enjoyment for enjoying activities (eating, sex, …) Hallucinations: o Frequently experienced by schizophrenics o New technology discovery: part of the brain that is most active (with brocas recognizes speech) – schizophrenic broca lights up– don’t recognize own speech - understanding speech of others is not due to the wernicke’s area that hears speech. Schizophrenia o Look at table 11-4 hand out o Schizophrenia with negative symptom: Video clip
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Unformatted text preview: o Different types of schizophrenia: Disorganized schizophrenic – in appropriate response to things, ex. mom died laugh • Incoherence – can’t follow thinking • Disturbed affect – ex. hospitalized, children has…, they are happy • Odd motor behavior/ weird postures • Silly look • Delusions: diffused • Withdrawn (more serious symptom) • Gradual, early age, worse over time, silly behavior that is somewhat childish o What they are experiencing inside is terrifying • Poor grooming Catatonic • Not dealing with outside world • Good results for recovery • Notes are incomplete because I was very tired in lecture...
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