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Geog 140 11-29-07

Geog 140 11-29-07 - Geography 140-29-07 Current event o...

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Geography 140 Lecture 16 11-29-07 Current event: o Palestinian and Israeli government officials sit with Bush administration to go over new peace treaty. o Issues in Israeli-Palestinian conflict Territory: West Bank Jerusalem o Holy Sites o Capital Settlements: Israel extended their settlements into the West Bank (many settlements and many issues). Palestinians see this as a deterrent to their control of the region. o Syria and the Golan Heights History: occupied territory – were part of Syria – Israel controlled the Golan Heights but Syria and Palestinians tried to take over the land – Israel still occupies the Golan Heights o Issues within these conflicts Extremism – what we see in the conflict is more extreme and there is no room for negotiation… Right of return – Refugees from the (1947-1948) war. The war of disaster. Many Palestinians fled (700,000) and they believe that these people should be allowed to return to the Israeli state. Israeli state doesn’t want these people to return because the Palestinians may begin to outnumber Israelis Water is also an issue. Water rights. ________________________________________________________________________________________ _ Globalization and American “market-place” Hegemony o Conventional assumptions about the geography of power 1. The modern state sovereignty requires clearly bounded territories 2. A fundamental Opposition between “domestic” and “foreign” affairs 3. The state is geographical “container” of society Create a ‘timeless’ conception of statehood Spatiality of power does not need to be reduced to “territory” o Four Models of power: Through a historical lens Each is associated with sets of political-economic/technological conditions and cultural understandings 1. “Ensemble of worlds” Human groups live in separate cultural areas or civilization Limited communication Political power is directed inward towards internal order
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