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Geog 140 Lecture 4

Geog 140 Lecture 4 - Lecture 4 Tuesday October 9 2007...

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Lecture 4: Tuesday, October 9, 2007 Yiftachel [2002] [article] -writing about Israeli-Palestinian conflict -theoretical part: -talking of issues of time v. space -territoriality -too often, time is privileged when discussing nationalism -time = history and its production -history of national origin [when] -there’s an overfocus on “when” -space: territory -ethnocratic societies -national project not about inclusiveness -seek to separate and purify along ethno-religious lines -how does nationalism operate? -nationalism and territory is the most important part of this conflict -argument was initially more about when -holy sites very important to both cultures - nationalism, theories of 1) instrumental approach -modernism needs/creates nationalism -nationalism driven by elites -nation-states are most productive ways of moving society from primitive to modern society -need nationalism to bring about the state 2) historical-ethnic approach -collective memory is what leads to nationalism -myth-building -nationalism not driven by elite 3) constructivist approach -on-going practices -identity construction -problems/critiques 1) problems identifying nation and state -“nation-state” is a myth dangerous and misused -sovereignty and legitimacy to governments -ethnocratic use state for unjust societies and marginalize minorities 2) space is important -contours of space are important to shaping national landscapes and conquests -arena where conflicts play out Physiographic [Political] Boundaries
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Boundary Morphology Cultural-Political Boundaries -a boundary along a cultural line -population exchanges -sometimes, instead of shifting boundaries to match ethnicity, states have
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Geog 140 Lecture 4 - Lecture 4 Tuesday October 9 2007...

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