Geog 140 Lecture 6

Geog 140 Lecture 6 - Lecture 6, October 16, 2007 Mann...

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Lecture 6, October 16, 2007 Mann article continued… -What is the power of the state relative to the global economy? -you still see state controlling some financial institutions -state relative to economic, ideological and military -unique about state power 1) Necessity of the state -force, custom -laws [in terms of protecting property and life] 2) Multiple Functions -order -infrastructure -redistribution 3) Territory -how is having territory different from economic elite? -not territorially bound -control over how markets work, money exchange -function more than territory, but also do not gain benefit from territory -military -cant penetrate into society very deeply -very superficial penetration based on coercion -difficult and expensive -not good at organizing society itself, only overseas -ideological elite -elites give power to state…don’t have power themselves -certain things they cant do so they give power to state so they can do what they wanna be able to do -state elites -state becomes an arena, state elites in charge -struggle between state and economic elites PAPER -due Dec 6 -2500 words -look through case study -relate to one of themes in course -put into larger theoretical context -also put into historical context -how present-day issues are product of history Geopolitics -origins -time of imperialism + Nazism -disappeared for a while
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Geog 140 Lecture 6 - Lecture 6, October 16, 2007 Mann...

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