Geog 140 Lecture 5

Geog 140 Lecture 5 - Lecture 5: October 11, 2007 [week 2]...

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Lecture 5: October 11, 2007 [week 2] *Turkish govt military: kurds are creating a save haven for PKK members in norther Iraq *”Armenian Genocide” resolution – US has been pushing the House to reach some sort of resolution – 1915 *Turkey wanted Armenians out of population -genocide [systematic killing] -Turkey was an ally in NATO -now US wants to put some resolution to the genocide -The high seas and seabed -UNCLOS III defines the deep seabed area and its resources as the Property of the International Community -“The common heritage of mankind.” -The International Seabed Authority -ISA is an autonomous organization having a relationship agreement with the UN -was established to organize and control all minral-related activities in the international seabed area beyond the limits of national jurisdiction -based in Kingston, Jamaica 1) technology sharing -intial treaty said that countries who exploit seabed have to share with countries that don’t [technology advantage] 2) royalties -seabed authority levy royalties on companies that extracted minerals 3) legal right to arbitrate -immunity for corporations but no one else -another UN body that could issue legal opinions about US corporations - -The authority operates by contracting with private and public corporations to exploit specified areas on the deep seabed for mineral resources -each area is limited to 150000 sq kilometers of which half is to be relinquished to the authority after 8 years -a total of 8 companies have gotten contracts [from places like China,
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Geog 140 Lecture 5 - Lecture 5: October 11, 2007 [week 2]...

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