Geog 140 Lecture 1

Geog 140 Lecture 1 - c) Communitarianism-under state people...

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Geography Lecture 1 [9.27.07] Political Geography Geography -natural + social 1) 3 strains 1) physical : soils, hydrology, geomorphology, climatology, geology 2) human/cultural : demography, economic, political, language 3) human-environmental : borrow from first 2 aspects [ie: deforestation, soil erosion, climate change] 2) Space vs Place -place = space + meaning -> place-making -“Geography is the study of how humans make the earth their home .” 3) Multi-disciplinary -politics of Colorado River water -economics, agriculture, biology, poli sci, Spanish, law What is Political? *struggle for power to exercise control over others and self; satisify interests and express identity 1) Statist Mechanics -state as structural source of ID + meaning -classic view a) Hard-core statism -distinct friends from enemies -geo-politics b) Civic Nationalism [soft state] -patriotism -insiders vs outsiders
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Unformatted text preview: c) Communitarianism-under state people express identity + find community with smaller groups 2) Liberal Meanings of Politics *not about state; about procedures + discussion for compromise *state as arbritrator a) economic freedoms b) minority protection 3) Political-Economic Meanings *economics *critical *state isn’t most important thing in politics…it’s class *structuralist; trapped by boundaries 4) Agency Meanings * focuses more on individual: FREE WILL *not bound by structures; dictate own furture *political has capacity for liberation, expression, resistance, etc Political Geography *has had a shift over time *political was informed by geography *climate, cultural boundaries between states – physical geography [earlier times]-shift: how geography is informed by politics – physical and human geog. *boundary-making...
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Geog 140 Lecture 1 - c) Communitarianism-under state people...

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