Geog 140 Lecture 9

Geog 140 Lecture 9 - Lecture 9, October 25, 2007 [week 4]...

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Lecture 9, October 25, 2007 [week 4] The Geopolitical order of the Soviet Union -less extensive than that of the US -largely confined to Eastern Europe 1) Domination of domestic politics and life by the Communist Party -patriotism becomes entwined with Communism [a state religion?] -state structures and institutions become militarized [more than US] 2) Extended Democracies in Eastern Europe by installing pro-Moscow ruling elites -i.e. Warsaw pact 3) Soviet State intervened selectively in the “Third World” -did not have the resources of US -Cuba, Korea, Vietnam The US “Domino Theory” and the Soviet’s “Czechoslovakian Disease” *“Domino Theory” -If one land in a region came under the influence of communism, then the surrounding countries would follow in a domino effect. -It was used by successive United States administrations to justify American intervention around the world -discourse [one idea package into a single phrase] *”Czechoslovakian Disease” -Prague Spring in 2008 -Czech uprising -Czechoslovakian leaders began to liberalize in order to address a deteriorating economic situation -USSR invades fearing that this “disease” would spread -leads the USSR to adopt its own version/form of the Truman Doctrine “Brezhnev Doctrine” [1968] -Leonid Brezhnev [1906-1982] -he wrote in the official Soviet Communist newspaper Pravda in 1968 -articulates the limits that Easter European satellites must operate within -any decisions that these states make “must damage neither socialism in their country nor the fundamental interests of the other socialist countries nor the worldwide communist movement” -state leaders who diverge are guilty of “revisionism” [code words for unacceptable
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Geog 140 Lecture 9 - Lecture 9, October 25, 2007 [week 4]...

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