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Geog 140 Lecture 8

Geog 140 Lecture 8 - Lecture 8[Week 4 Midterm-short answer...

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Lecture 8, October 23, 2007 [Week 4] Midterm -short answer Discourse -critical geopolitics is interested in discourse -geopolitics as a discursive practice as well as material practice -discursive – about communication -material – more doing -how places are represented in the popular discourse -not just spoken or written word -about how places are made meaningful -made meaningful largely through discursive practice -ways of packaging whole ideas into very concise statements -e.g.: war on terror -become part of our common understanding -others are suppressed by common discourse -discourse can have a normalizing effect -makes places normal American Geopolitical Discourse 1) America as Unique -“universal values” -America has unique history, values, etc. 2) Self + Other -us vs. them Isaiah Bowman + American “Lebensraum” -first big thing: involved in Treaty of Versailles -isolationism on part of US is bad -we should embark on more international policy -US should extend self into world -promote our values: democracy, freedom, market capitalism -advocating an American form of economic living space -idea that US could reshape world order Cold War Geopolitics How and why did the geopolitical imagination change after WWII? Context and origins of the Cold War The way Europe was divided in two was a consequence of the global Geopolitical Discourse that became dominant in the United States in 1946 and 1947 and how the Stalinist Regime reacted to it.
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The US Experience with WWII was very different that the USSR -US has avoided the horrific destruction and indiscriminate mass murder war on the European Continent and Asia -US’s leading competitors were in ruins -US became most powerful state in the world -this led US to have supreme confidence in its nationalist myths and ideals
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