Geog 140 11-1-07

Geog 140 11-1-07 - Geography 140 Lecture 10 11-1-07...

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Unformatted text preview: Geography 140 Lecture 10 11-1-07 Post-Cold War and present day Geopolitics o Two attitudes towards the end of the cold war euphoric and hopeful (idealist, softheaded, loose, feminine reading of international politics) prudence and realism (seasoned cold warrior, hard-headed, masculine analyst of international affairs) George H. W. Bush o Promotes gradual internationalism and the expansion of free trade o Flavor of international seen in first gulf war (1991) o New world order (the stuff of geopolitical imagination) Based on the rule of law and defense of existing sovereignties Based on east-west cooperation The first gulf war o The gulf crisis created an opportunity to write/recreate a general threat narrative to replace the cold war threat narrative. o Reasons for the US invasion 1. Protection of oil supplies (the stuff of strategy geopolitics) The defense of Saudi Arabias oil reserves and supplies. Denying Iraq a chokehold over world oil supplies 2. Stabilizing the Middle East 3. New world order Building an international coalition to protect sovereignty and order Quotes: building an international coalition to protect sovereignty and order Iraqs unprovoked aggression is a test of how the post-cold war world will work we stand at a critical juncture in history the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait we are entering an era in which ethnic and sectarian identities could easily breed new violence it is an era in which hostilities and threats could erupt as misguided leaders are tempted to assert regional dominance before the ground rules of a new order can be accepted James a. Backer Aside: who spent most money in the gulf war?? US, Saudi Arabia, Japan Geopolitical observations of the rhetoric and practice of the first Gulf War o Situating gulf war in relation to past American experiences Space Time Valorizing the WWII mystique of a just war Demonizing Saddam as Hitler This will not be another Vietnam - Powell Doctrine of Overwhelming force o American Exceptionalism A just war embodies American values In the 1991 state of the union, Bush notes thatfor generations America has led the...
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Geog 140 11-1-07 - Geography 140 Lecture 10 11-1-07...

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