Geog 140 11-15-07

Geog 140 11-15-07 - Geography 140 Lecture 14 11-15-07 Some...

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Geography 140 Lecture 14 11-15-07 Some (geographical) Observations Highlights concept of “territoriality” Territoriality: strategies for controlling place Designation of a gay area as an independent city was important symbolically o 1. Lent legitimacy to gay identity o 2. Created ‘safe spaces’ for the perpetuation of gay subcultures The inter-linkage of place and identity (make places by installing it with meaning like west Hollywood) o 3. Political-Economic perspectives Focus is on the processes of spatial inclusion and exclusion which create the circumstances for identity formation Agency vs. Structure o Structuralist – you see the world through a series of institutions and forces that govern how we act – outside forces dictating how we act or what we do o Agent – its not norms or structures and institutions, but ourselves that govern our own way of life (ex. west Hollywood) Ex. The rise of the post-Fordist American “Ghetto” What is “Ghetto?” o We think of it as poor, with one race/ethnic group, usually a scapegoat community (marginalized community), … Racially/Ethnically Uniform? A bounded and culturally/racially uniform entity based on a negatively typed population Poor? Not necessarily Alien – different from society and produced by different forces? No. Ghettos are not “alien objects on the American landscape” Instead they are intimately linked to the larger society – the larger society perpetuate the ghetto The ghetto is a physical, social and symbolic place in American Society that is
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Geog 140 11-15-07 - Geography 140 Lecture 14 11-15-07 Some...

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