Comm 122 Lecture 26

Comm 122 Lecture 26 - -Communication Studies 122 March 12,...

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-Communication Studies 122 March 12, 2008 Lecture 26 1. Historical background 2. The American occupation 3. Voices of Iraqis 4. Could the divide have been bridged 5. Middle-class Baghdad people's perspectives History Americans invaded Iraq Suspicion about the real intentions of the Americans in occupation of Iraq Arabs and Iraqis reminded them of Israeli occupation of Palestine (this is their perception of an occupation) Occupation or liberation? Unequal relationship which the weaker submits to the stronger Don't hear the voice of Americans as much – they don't go out to hear the voices of the Iraqi people either – Americans can't represent the Arabs when they are secluded US despicable – some thought that American occupation was a violation of privacy, what would happen to the oil, they didn't belong here. US is here for the good and there will be no more looting – US better than Saddam don't want “farm” people to rule us – they're different from us culturally
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Comm 122 Lecture 26 - -Communication Studies 122 March 12,...

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