Comm 122 Lecture 25

Comm 122 Lecture 25 - -1Communication Studies 122 March 10,...

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Unformatted text preview: -1Communication Studies 122 March 10, 2008 Lecture 25 1. Mugged by reality 2. Making Americans comfortable 3. Coalition provisional authority (CPA) 4. Life inside the green zone 5. On Iraqis experience Video: Green Zones in Bagdad, Iraq Unqualified people given a big responsibility (ex. First graduated student in charge of the traffic plan) Horrible conditions: water every 2-3 days, UN soldiers in search of WMD supplies and Saddam Hussein Mistreated Iraqis - hooding prisoners, beating, Take people which angers families and extended families - arrested wrong person, killed the wrong person, angered and messed up Iraqis relations Insurgency and anti- insurgency Didnt give Iraqis a positive view on these soldiers because their actions reflect the whole system Green zone (palace) Food: American food (even though the Iraqis were offended by pork) Hired only Palestinians or Indian cooks because they were afraid that Iraqis would poison the food...
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Comm 122 Lecture 25 - -1Communication Studies 122 March 10,...

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