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-1Communication Studies 122 February 22, 2008 Lecture 18 Ÿ 1. Post modern terror Ÿ 2. Gama’a al-Islamiya Ÿ 3. The five scenarios Ÿ a. destroying violence Ÿ b. terrifying terrorists Ÿ c. violence wins Ÿ d. separating religion from politics Ÿ e. healing politics with religion Ÿ Missed 10 min. Ÿ Post modern terror Ÿ Re-legitimize religion into public life - moral force through religion - change people’s world view Ÿ Ex. Gama’a al-Islamiya (watched a video) Ÿ Zowahili broke off from this group Ÿ Egyptian protests Ÿ Frustration a part of Egyptian life - excruciating poverty - unclean atmosphere Ÿ Kairo - a city where everyone moves to (built for 3 mill -- house 12 million) Ÿ Egyptian police, tourists, and regular people in danger of this group Ÿ People of this group say they have been tortured by the police - to get information (ex. Where they got some papers from) - and they fess up in the end Ÿ 5 directions Ÿ a. destroy terrorism by force (this is what the US has been trying to do) Ÿ b. threat of imprisonment and scare them so they stop of confess - the fringe members will be weaker
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