Comm 122 Lecture 15

Comm 122 Lecture 15 - -1Communication Studies 122 February...

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Unformatted text preview: -1Communication Studies 122 February 13, 2008 Lecture 15 Missed 5 1. Eduardo Galeano on a world gone mad 2. Who is to blame? 3. Arundhati Roy on other 9/11s 4. Iraq and reasons for war 5. Corporate globalization 6. What is to be done? Eduardo Galeano 1. Technological advance More fear (ex. Losing jobs - people looking for cheaper labor) and insecurity Paradox of technological advance - more destruction, more fear 2. Labors increasing powerlessness Workers used to be getting a fairer share of wealth because of organized labor unions Today: labor is losing power it once had, workers have little protection with few benefits, easier to lose jobs - less ability to control lives as workers Middle class is losing wealth, security, power it once had 3. Hatred of immigrants Free trade agreements and structural agreements (IMF put across) - more privatization and forces poor people off the land, go to cities to try to find work - paid less and harder working conditions...
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Comm 122 Lecture 15 - -1Communication Studies 122 February...

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