Comm 122 Lecture 14

Comm 122 Lecture 14 - -1Communication Studies 122 February...

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-1Communication Studies 122 February 11, 2008 Lecture 14 Ÿ Missed 10-15 min (mainly of the video) Ÿ Video: Ÿ American orientalism… Ÿ What is orientalism? Ÿ Certain set of ideas about the a part of the world that is not an accurate perception about that part of the world : misleading Ÿ Where can you find it? Ÿ Painting, literature, movies, … Ÿ Said’s book: The coverage of Islam - he thinks journalism is orientalist as well Ÿ Why did these ideas/institutions develop and flourish? Ÿ Motivated knowledge: motivated by colonial politics (power) Ÿ Justifies the conquest Ÿ People started to believe these views of themselves instead of their own view of themselves - symmetry of power that allows these ideas to flourish Ÿ Orientalism as a discourse (Michelle Deiscos) Ÿ Set patterns of ideas that people must follow Ÿ There were guidelines about how you write about the orient - a set patter Ÿ Not observing the place for themselves but writing within the discourse Ÿ We can justify being the teacher
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Comm 122 Lecture 14 - -1Communication Studies 122 February...

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