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Communication 122 January 16, 2008 Lecture 5 Sick =( [notes from others] we continued the lecture on HABERMAS (sp?)  mainly discussing terrorism, fundementalism, as a result of moderinty.      continuation of the lecture from wed-                    7.Fundamentalism a. Modern phenomenon--could not exist pre modern world, since fundamentalism is a reaction to  modern…modern period begins with the enlightenment / rise of science/ 17th century  b. Against pluralism and tolerance 8. Terrorism--habermas says that the terrorist in the middle east used to be authoritarian --terrorism is the  collapse of nationalistic regimes--and then turning to ISLAM, because everything else has failed--- terrorism is political only  when it has realistic political goals-many are not--they are not taking over  political regimes or setting up new governments--to habermas global terrorist are just criminals.
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Unformatted text preview: . 9. Communication and violence--the spiral of violence begins of a spiral of miscommunications (distorted)--leads to uncontrolled reciprocal trust issues--spirals out of control leads to violence-globalization speeds up the negative communications--inequalities btwn rich and poor are visible to all--each side becomes defensive-- 10. Meaning of 9/11 and US response 11. New cosmopolitan order points- When fundamentalism becomes violent and directed against the west then it becomes Occidentalism. When terrorism is directed at the west then it is Occidentalism . Democracy is modernist Fundamentalism is modern cause it is a reaction to modernity, but it is anti-modernism cause it goes against modernism....
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