Comm 122 Lecture 2

Comm 122 Lecture 2 - Communication 122 January 9 2008...

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Communication 122 January 9, 2008 Lecture 2 Outline: 1. Appiah’s cosmopolitan ethic 2. Thick and thin morality 3. The 3 levels of disagreement 4. Disputing with strangers 5. Conversations across cultures ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Review of Huntington: o Clash of civilizations likely? Or conflict between civilizations perhaps likely? Based on your own views of likeliness, you can have your own view Civilization fault lines. Ex. Israel and Palestine, Ukaslavia He is against multiculturalism and wants distinctive American values He is not saying that war is inevitable, but we need to prepare ourselves because civilization clash is likely (some of his supporters say that 9/11 was proof of this) o Agree or disagree with Huntington Aren’t these civilizations diverse? Aren’t clashes in the Middle East deciding what belief they should have? His view is so simplified and can be misleading (yet simplicity gives his view power) Globalization’s occurrence has integrated and introduced civilizations However, nationalism still persists Kwame Anthony Appiah o Ethical terms: Huntington: relativist (a special kind)
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Comm 122 Lecture 2 - Communication 122 January 9 2008...

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