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Comm 122 Lecture 1

Comm 122 Lecture 1 - Communication Studies 122 January 8...

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Communication Studies 122 January 8, 2008 Lecture 1 Ÿ 1. Idea of clash of civilizations Ÿ 2. Why most important future clashes will be civilizational Ÿ 3. The west and the rest Ÿ 4. Against US multiculturalism Ÿ Introduction to the class (main themes - general terms) Ÿ Clash of civilizations (since 1993) Ÿ End of cold war with no more ideology conflict - then there will be no more worldly conflicts - what happens then? Ÿ Huntington’s view - ideological replaced by civilization conflict (Western, Japanese, Islamic, Hindu, Slavic Orthodox, Latin American, African, Confucian) Ÿ Religion more important, so he sees things in religious terms (religious based and source of conflict) Ÿ Civilizations are the highest cultural grouping of people and broadest grouping of people… Ÿ Why between civilizations? (vs. ideology) Ÿ 1 st - differences are basic. Ex. History, language, culture, religion Ÿ Civilizations are much deeper (who they actually are) than ideology Ÿ
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