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Difatta 1 Melissa Difatta Odyssey and Enlightenment Professor Erussard September 25, 2007 The Enlightenment of Gilgamesh An odyssey is a journey that leads to enlightenment, which is an epiphany that reveals some sort of truth. This idea is explored in the story of Gilgamesh , one of the most ancient tales in the world. When Gilgamesh first begins his quest, he is searching for a way to revive his friend Enkidu from death in order to achieve immortal life. Although Gilgamesh fails to do this by the end, he does achieve success in his odyssey in other ways. The fourth chapter of the book illustrates how Gilgamesh’s enlightenment unfolds and gives insight into the different realizations that he experiences. The final chapter expresses how Gilgamesh feels during the end of his odyssey, as well as explains what he has learned. The opening stanza in this chapter brings Gilgamesh’s personal struggle to a close. The stanza reads that Gilgamesh “recognized this loss as the end of his journey and returned to Uruk” (Mason, 91). The phrase “this loss” refers to the plant of eternal youth. Earlier in the story, Gilgamesh traveled to the Lake of the Dead in order to find this plant and save his friend Enkidu. Before he could do so, however, he decided to take a rest by a nearby pool. He jumped into the pool and
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Gilgamesh paper - Difatta 1 Melissa Difatta Odyssey and...

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