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NAME (Last, First) ________________________________________ PID ____________________________ FINAL EXAM COGS 17 SPRING 2005 I. TRUE OR FALSE [1 point each – total of 10 pts] ____ 1. The sun is considered a primary zeitgeber . ____ 2. REM rebound refers to rem-on cells that suddenly become rem-off cells. ____ 3. The Mullerian system is the precursor of the internal male sex organs. ____ 4. According to the James-Lange theory of emotion, emotions are produced by feedback from physiological responses to situations. ____ 5. Some marine animals, such as the bottlenose dolphin, have a sleeping pattern in which one cerebral hemisphere will sleep, allowing the other hemisphere to remain alert. ____ 6. Kluver-Bucy Syndrome results from damage to the hippocampus. ____ 7. Because the grammar of sign languages is spatial, aphasic disorders in deaf people who use ASL are usually caused by lesions of the right hemisphere. ____ 8. Place cells help both humans and animals how to navigate an environment, such as where you live or work. ____ 9. Wada tests are used to determine which hemisphere controls dyslexia. ____ 10. Schizophrenics tend to have more visual than auditory hallucinations. II. MULTIPLE CHOICE (One answer per question) [2 points each - total of 20 pts] 11. Early onset schizophrenia: A. Begins in occipital cortex B. Spreads laterally C. Involves waves of gray matter loss D. Begins in frontal cortex E. Involves waves of white matter loss 12. Which nucleus is considered to be the master biological clock in mammals? A.
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cogsfinal - NAME (Last, First) _ PID _ FINAL EXAM COGS 17...

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