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1. A 0.850-mole sample of nitrous oxide, a gas used as an anesthetic by dentists, has a volume of 20.46 L at 123°C and 1.35 atm. What would be its volume at 468°C and 1.35 atm? a) 5.38 L b) 10.9 L c) 38.3 L d) 77.9 L 2. Which of the following is characteristic of gases? 3. According to the kinetic-molecular theory, molecules of different gases at the same temperature always have the same 4. Forty-four grams of carbon dioxide occupies 32.68 L at 65°C and 645 torr. What is its volume at STP? 5. The greatest deviation from the Ideal Gas Law is expected at a) high T, high P b) high T, low P c) low T, low P d) low T, high P e) real gases don't deviate from the ideal gas law
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