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University of Phoenix Material Issues Related to Returning to School Name: Maurice Glover Please answer the following questions: What stimulated your interest in returning to school? Because I realized that most of my peers have their degrees and if I wanted to be top performer in my organization I need get my BS to secure my future growth with company I work for now. What hopes do you have about returning to school? What do you think it will do for you? It has been a life long dream to complete college and earn a degree in the Information Technology field to
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Unformatted text preview: add to the many years of experience in the Telecommunication industry. Obtaining my degree will open many doors for me in the industry, like promotions or advancement into the management field. What major obstacles (e.g., personal, professional, workplace, academic) will you need to overcome to be successful in school? Being able to manage my time between work, school, and family will be my biggest obstacle. Learning different was to manage my time and being able to adapt to change when problems occur that conflict with my schedule....
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