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POS 201 American Government Spring 2008 Exam I Study Guide Exam Date: Wednesday, February 20 th Suggested Study Guide Topics/Terms For Exam I 10 th Amendment American Dilemma, The Articles Of Confederation -weakness’ of -major issues associated with -powers (or lack thereof) of federal government under the AOC Beard, Charles; An Economic Interpretation Of The Constitution concurrent powers Constitution -structural principles of -ways of amending -reserved powers -implied powers -enumerated powers -full faith and credit clause -necessary and proper clause -contract clause -slavery issues democracy -definition of
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Unformatted text preview: -substantive-procedural-types of-representative-direct enumerated powers faction, problem of-solving the problem of faction Federalist Papers Federalists film, The Founding Fathers 1 Suggested Study Guide Topics/Terms For Exam I government-roles government plays in society Hobbes, Thomas legal equality Locke, John McDonald, Forrest; We The People modern dilemma of government political ideology-types of-definition of-why political ideology is important-negative aspects of Preamble to the US Constitution reserved powers Rousseau, Jean-Jacques traditional dilemma of government 2...
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This note was uploaded on 07/09/2008 for the course POS 201 taught by Professor Brezenski during the Spring '08 term at St. Thomas FL.

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POS201AmericanGovtStudyGuideExam1Spring2008MWMSWord -...

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