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Study guide MARCH 27 - Study guide Chomsky Findings on...

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Study guide Chomsky Findings on media bias- PRO INSTITUTIONAL Findings on media bias Conservative explanation on media bias Attitudinal element Media outlets as corporate entities Structural element High level execs have most influence  Advertising revenue ** budlite trucker w/ millerlite cap. ** GE + TODAY SHOW Dye, Thomas Who’s running America Findings on media bias  Supports liberal theory Liberal bias theory Media favors the liberal point of view 1. Structural element Reporters and editors 2.Attitudinal element (journalist = liberal)
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Ideology of journalists in general Interest groups Define- Organizations that seek to influence gov’t/ policy without nominating a candidate or seeking control of gov’t. Reasons why ppl join them 1. economic reasons Mancur Olson, The Logic Of Collective Action people are self-maximizers who only join groups for monetary benefit people only join groups that provide public goods for the selective benefits ex. Greenpeace endangered animal calendar and AARP discount card 2. purposive reasons people want to feel like their interests and concerns are being voiced to gov’t
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Study guide MARCH 27 - Study guide Chomsky Findings on...

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