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POS 201 Spring 2008 FINAL EXAM Wednesday, April 30 th 8:00 a.m. - 9:50 a.m. Below please find a list of course topics to aid you in studying for the Final Exam. Please keep in mind that it is not an all inclusive list of every question on the Final . All text and lecture material is still considered ‘fair game’ for exam questions. This study guide is intended to help you focus your time and energy to your advantage, not serve as the sole preparation tool or substitute for keeping up with the class notes and readings as you (hopefully) have been. The topics/items below are listed in alphabetical order as opposed to degree of importance or number of times appearing on the Final. Suggested Study Guide Topics/Terms For THE FINAL adversarial system advice and consent Article III -powers laid out in Section 1 -powers laid out in Section 2 bicameral blanket primary budget resolution capture theory of regulation casework closed primary cloture concurring opinion conference committee 1
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POS201AmericanGovtStudyGuideFinalExamSpring2008MSWord - POS...

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