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classes_summer07_153A-2ID18_Midterm_I_S05_Key - Name ID...

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Name : _________ Key _ ________ ID # : _____________________ Signature : _____________________ Chem & Biochem 153A-2 Summer 2005 Midterm I (100 pt, 50 min) 1
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1) (18 pt) Short answers. 2 pt each. 1. Which atom is most electronegative in a water molecule? Oxygen 2. Which amino acid is achiral about C α ? glycine 3. Which amino acid does not have a free (primary) α -amino group? proline 4. How many amino acids have an overall positive charge at pH 7? 2 5. How many amino acids form one turn of a 3 10 helix? 3 6. Which of the fibrous proteins we discussed contain hydroxy-lysine? collagen 7. Which secondary structure predominates in silk fibroin? Anti-parallel β sheets 8. How many ATP is required to fold one protein in the GroEL/GroES molecular chaperone system? 14 9. βαβ is a _______________ structure. Super-secondary 2) (10 pt) Consider the tripeptides below. Match the appropriate peptide to the appropriate statement. (Note, each tripeptide may be use more than once or not at all). A) Tyr-Lys-Met B) Gly-Pro-Arg C) Asp-Trp-Tyr D) Asp-His-Glu E) Leu-Val-Phe D _____ is most negatively charged at pH 7.
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classes_summer07_153A-2ID18_Midterm_I_S05_Key - Name ID...

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