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IBM-Green Surfboards

IBM-Green Surfboards - Green Surfboards Australia Business...

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Green Surfboards Australia Business Proposal Written By: Group 6 Noan Lewkow Hobie O’Connor Jovan Ailabouni Andrew Munden
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Green Surfboards- Australia Overview: Characteristics and Fit in Market We at Green Surfboards understand that most surfboards use polyester resins and polyurethane foam, which are not friendly to the environment. Many of us belong to organizations whose main goal and purpose is to keep our oceans clean, but the majority of surfboards are not recyclable or biodegradable For these reasons we have decided to exclusively manufacture hand-shaped surfboard using only plant-based resins and Biofoam cores. Green Surfboards will offer long boards and short boards in a wide range of sizes to accommodate any level of surfer from complete beginner, to progressing novice, to competing professional. The boards will be available in a variety of colors and graphics, which coincidentally have a “green” and nature-like style. Special orders and custom shapes will be offered to customers who would like to personalize their boards. The company will be based in Southern California, where production will take place for North American distribution, while an Australian board manufacturing facility will produce and distribute boards to their local surf shops.The fit between product and market will be based on geographical region in Australia. Our customers will be the ones closest to beaches that are known for their quality waves. The Eastern part of Australia including; New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland will be our main focus, and production and distribution will take place in this area. Product Line Short Boards Any board thruster shaped tri or quad fin for competition or extreme surfing use. Boards range from grom size(4’10” to 6’0”) standard, and 8’0” big wave tow surfing. These boards would make up nearly 50% of gross sales going to most young groms, average surfers, and pros. Prices will range from $500 to $800 depending on shaper, size, and materials used in construction. Boards in this category are easy to get into stores, and will move quickly. Boards in this category are often replaced and repeat
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IBM-Green Surfboards - Green Surfboards Australia Business...

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