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1e3-test2-2008-v1-solutions - Physics 1E03 Test 2...

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Physics 1E03 Early V1 Test 2 March 26, 2008 Instructors: A. Jopko (section C01, C02) G. Luke (section C03) N. McKay (sections C04, C05) W. Okon (section C06) Name_________________________________ Student Number:________________________ Mac email:[email protected] Instructor:______________________________ Write your name and student number on your paper before you begin. Multiple-choice questions are worth 2 marks each, and problems are worth 3 marks each. Only the McMaster standard calculator is allowed. Notes and formula sheets are not permitted. A sheet of formulae is attached as the last page. Answers for the multiple-choice questions (Part A) must be marked on the optical scan sheet, using an HB pencil. Before you begin, print your name on this paper and on the optical scan sheet. Code your student number in the spaces provided on the scan sheet as well. You must code your student number correctly, and correctly answer the first question (which asks for your test version) to receive full marks. Problems (Part B) are to be answered directly on this test paper in the spaces provided. Clear and complete solutions are required for full marks. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE IN THIS AREA Continued next page Part A (18) 11 (3) 12 (3) 13 (3) 14 (3) Part B (12)
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Page 2 of 8 Part A: Indicate the best or most nearly correct answer by filling in the corresponding circle on the optical scan sheet with an HB pencil. Each correct answer is worth 2 marks. An incorrect answer or unanswered question counts as zero marks.
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