music venue - Music Venue Ad Campaign We are launching a...

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Music Venue Ad Campaign We are launching a campaign to promote a music venue. It is a primarily rock and alternative rock music. To earn revenue we will sell tickets, drinks and food and events, as well as a percentage of sales of merchandise sold at the events. Revenues will vary depending on attendance and price of tickets. Ticket sales will depend on how popular the band is that plays. On average ticket sales will be around $20.00. Our venue can hold one thousand people per night. If we can sell out every show three nights a week ticket sales will reach $240 thousand a month. Average drinks will cost $5.00 and if each person buys one drink we will bring in $60 thousand a month. Merchandise sales will be a small contributor to our income but we are hoping to bring in $12 thousand a month as well. We are shooting for $312 thousand total income per month. If our ad campaign costs $248,000.00 then we show a profit. Our campaign is based on a pyramid shaped approach. Each method will lay a base for the next stage of advertising to build upon. Flyering first to build awareness, Print advertising to follow and Radio to hit last. PR will be a full time campaign to push the venue further and direct it where we think it needs to go. Magazines and print advertising is expensive for small media coverage. Generally we can cover a greater number of people targeting a smaller demographic easier using other means of communication. For print we will focus on Bliss and Skratch magazines. Each, fairly inexpensive yet reach a fairly large target for a very reasonable price. Other forms of nontraditional print are going to come in some strange forms I have seen used recently. By taking advantage of these resources we will be able to lower costs and make our advertising campaign more effective. Bliss Magazine - Demographics: Median age 17, 75% male, 25% female, 65% west coast, 35% the rest of the US.
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- ½ page is $2500.00 - Includes free online advertising. -
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music venue - Music Venue Ad Campaign We are launching a...

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