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Final Reading Guide - Reading Guide Questions (The first...

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Unformatted text preview: Reading Guide Questions (The first three readings were on the Test Two guide, but will appear on the final as new material so they are repeated here} Text chapter 18 What is the authors opinion about the difference between erotica and pornography? Erotica is sexually explicit material that can be evaluated positively. In often involves mutuality, respect, affection, and a balance of power. It can even be considered to have artistic value. Pornography on the other hand represents sexually explicit material that is generally evaluated negatively. What does it mean when we label something erotica? Why do the authors prefer the term sexually oriented material? Because it is a neutral term What is characteristic of mainstream X-rated videos for content, themes, and availability? There are four main themes: 1. Diverse sexual activity fellatio, cunnilingus, and vaginal and anal sex and climax with the man ejaculating on the womans body 2. High levels of sexual desire 3. Pleasure as the purpose of sexual activity 4. Many readily available partners Has become an integral part of popular culture. You no longer have to visit an adult theater to watch porn, you can now get it off the internet, rent or buy videos, look at magazines, etc it is very easily available What do Penthouse magazine and the Miss America pageant have in common? Beauty Pageants are an all-American tradition that is widely publicized and viewed where women walk down a runway in bathing suits while their beauty and grade are judged. Penthouse is one of the most widely circulated magazines in America, that offers soft-core porn. Circulated nationwide What is the effect on behavior of watching sexually oriented material? Exposure to such material temporarily encourages sexual expression and may activate a persons typical sexual behavior pattern Masturbation may accompany or follow it What do studies show about the reaction of women and men to sexually explicit material, about the content of such material, reasons for using such material. Men tend to react more positively to sexually explicit material than women; they believe that it has positive effects, such as sexual release and a lowering on inhibitions. Both men and women believe that sexually explicit material may also have negative effects, such as dehumanizing women and causing a loss of respect between men and women What did the Meese Comission conclude about pornography?...
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Final Reading Guide - Reading Guide Questions (The first...

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