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Reading Guide for Test 2 - Reading Guide for Test Two Text...

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Unformatted text preview: Reading Guide for Test Two Text chapter 5 Know the definition of the words in bold (some are less important to a social constructionist than others you can probably guess which are which). Pg 130 genetic sex: one's chromosomal and hormonal sex characteristics Anatomical sex: physical: gonads, uterus, vulva, vagina, penis, etc Assigned gender: gender given by others usually at birth; "it's a girl" Gender identity: gender a person identifies himself or herself to be Pg 131 gender roles: attitudes, behaviors, rights, responsibilities society associates with each sex Gender role stereotype: rigidly held and oversimplified, over-generalized belief that all males and all females possess distinct psychological and behavioral traits Gender role attitude: beliefs a person has about himself or herself and others regarding appropriate female and male personality traits and activities Gender role behavior: actual activities or behaviors a person engages in as female or male Pg 133 instrumentality: task oriented (men) Expressiveness: emotion oriented (women) Pg 135 gender theory; a society may be best understood by how it is organized according to gender Pg 136 cognitive social learning theory: we learn attitudes and behaviors as a result of social interaction Pg 137 cognition: mental processes that intervene between stimulus and response, such as evaluation and reflection Modeling: learning [gender roles] through imitation Pg 137 cognitive development theory: focuses on children's interpretations; stresses that we learn according to age Pg 140 peers: age-mates Pg 142 gender schema: cognitive organization of the world according to gender Pg 143 script: acts, rules, expectations associated with a particular role Pg 148 androgyny: flexibility in gender roles Pg 149 intersexed: biological sex is ambiguous or between male and female Hermaphrodite: former term for intersexed Pg 151 pseudohermaphodite: two tests or two ovaries -- even older term Turner syndrome: females not xx or xy )not maturing or menstruation, poor memory) Klinefelter syndrome: males have one or more extra x chromosome, 1 in 1000 Pg 154 androgen-insensitivity syndrome: or, testicular feminization: genetic, inherited condition, inability to absorb testosterone so estrogen prevails. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia: genetic. Female with ovaries and vagina develops externally as male. Malfunctioning adrenal gland. 1 in 13,000 female births DHT deficiency: 5-alpha reductase syndrome: males can't convert testosterone to DHT, usually identified as females but at puberty become men...
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Reading Guide for Test 2 - Reading Guide for Test Two Text...

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