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Marketing Study Guide Exam 4 Chapter 11 Place – making goods and services available in the right quantities and locations Channel of distribution – any series of firms or individuals who participate in the flow of products from producer to final user or consumer Direct marketing – direct communication between a seller and an individual customer using a promotion method other than face-to-face personal selling Discrepancy of quantity – the difference between the quantity of products it is economical for a producer to make and the quantity final users or consumers normally want (ex. golf ball manufacturers make thousands of golf ball at a time but golfers only need a few at a time so there are middlemen, wholesalers, and retailers to adjust) Discrepancy of assortment – the difference between the lines a typical producer makes and the assortment final consumers or users want (ex. golfers don’t just need golf balls they need shoes, gloves, clubs, etc… and they don’t want to shop for these separately – so need for wholesalers and retailers to adjust discrepancies) Regrouping activities – adjust the quantities or assortments of products handled at each level in a channel of distribution 1. Accumulating – collecting products from many small producers (important in less developed countries and in situations where there are many small producers) an example is hospitals which accumulate the services of many health care specialists 2. Bulk-breaking – dividing larger quantities into smaller quantities as products get
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Study Guide - Exam 4 - Marketing Study Guide Exam 4 Chapter...

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