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Group 5 Hobie O’Connor, Travis Mathias, Steven Ku 1. Does the company have any treasury stock? How much? Yes, 5,264,200 were repurchased in fiscal 2005 (B-18) 2. What was the highest price for company stock during the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2004? Common stock reached $25.78 per share in the first quarter of fiscal year 2004. (B-12) 3. Does the company pay dividends? The company does not pay dividends. Their credit facility prohibits them from paying out dividends. (B-12) 4. Refer to item 5 from the 10-K. Provide any reason for why the company does or does not pay dividends? Their credit facility does not allow them to pay dividends for any reason. (B-12)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Over the most recent two years, was their a stock dividend or stock split? If so describe. In August of 2003 the company declared a stock split 3-for-2. Typically stock splits are accomplished by reducing the par value or stated value per share of all authorized shares so that their total par value is unchanged. The reduction in par value per share compensates for the increase in the number of shares, so that no transfer is needed. (B-12) 6. What is the par value of the common stock? Par value for common stocks are currently 0.01 per share. Stated in form 10-K. (B-4)...
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