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BusMgmt notes #5 - In this step facilitators describe the...

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Eric Jury 2142237 Business Management notes #5 John Pepper A General Diagnosis-Intervention Cycle Observe behavior : the facilitator observes the behavior of the group, watching for certain behaviors and patterns of behavior but open to identifying other behaviors not immediately recognizable as significant. Infer meaning : the facilitator infers some meaning from the behavior. An inference is a conclusion reached about something unknown, based on some things that are known. Decide whether to intervene : based on the observation and inference, the facilitator decides whether to intervene in the group. In practice, the facilitator observes a behavior more than once before deciding to intervene in order to clarify the inference. Describe observations : facilitators who decide to intervene enter the fourth step, describing their observations to the group.
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Unformatted text preview: In this step, facilitators describe the behavior they have observed and ask group members whether they have observed the same behavior. Test inference : the facilitator and group test the inference the facilitator have made and decide whether it is accurate. Help group decide whether and how to change behavior : assuming the group and the facilitator agree with the facilitator’s inference, the facilitator and group enter a sixth and final step in which the facilitator helps group members decide whether and how to redesign their behaviors to be more effective. After the group has decided whether to change its behavior, the cycle begins again, and the facilitator observes whether the group has in fact changed its behavior in the manner it wanted....
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