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Chapter 8: Rotational Motion of Solid Objects 1. An isolated object is initially spinning at a constant speed. Then, although no external forces act upon it, its rotational speed increases. This must be due to A. an increase in the moment of inertia. B. an increase in the mass. C. an increase in the angular momentum. D. a decrease in the moment of inertia. E. impossible, angular momentum conservation is violated. Answer: D 2. The bigger gears on the rear wheel of a multi-speed bike allow the rider to A. exert more force on the wheel. B. exert more torque on the wheel. C. increase the moment of inertia of the wheel. D. decrease the moment of inertia of the wheel. Answer: B 3. Three horses are side-by-side on a merry-go-round: one at the edge, one near the axis, and one in between. Each horse has the same angular speed. Which horse has the greatest linear speed? A. The horse nearest the axis. B. The horse in the middle C. The horse at the edge. D. The linear speed is the same for all three horses. Answer: C 4. A sphere and a hoop have the same diameter and the same mass. If they are released from rest at the top of an incline, which will reach the bottom more quickly? A. The sphere. B. The hoop. C. Both will require the same time to reach the bottom. Answer: A 5. A torque acting on a body tends to produce A. equilibrium. B. linear velocity. C. a new center of gravity. D. angular rotation. Answer: D
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6. The angular momentum of an isolated object can be changed only by A. changing its rotational inertia. B. applying a force along the axis of rotation. C. applying a torque. Answer: C 7. The rotational inertia of an object depends on which of these? A. Its color. B. How fast it is spinning. C. The amount of torque applied to it. D. How its mass is distributed about the spin axis. E. None of the above. Answer: D 8. A football thrown with a spinning motion is more stable than one thrown without spin because A. its angular momentum is conserved. B. it is easier to part the air if it is spinning. C. gravity ignores spinning objects. D. the torque generated by the spinning action is conserved. Answer: A 9. An object is moving in a horizontal circle, in a clockwise direction (as seen from above). In which direction does its angular momentum vector point? A. down B. up C. to the left D. toward the center of the circle Answer: A 10. Using a longer handled wrench to loosen a tight nut allows you to A. exert more force on the nut. B.
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p101chap08pretest - Chapter 8 Rotational Motion of Solid...

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