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course hero 1 - o 3 rd ± Islam Jews and Muslims closest...

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January 8, 2007 Monday Announcements: 1. Make sure you pay special attention to the syllabus. All important dates (including due dates) are posted in the syllabus. 2. Buy your course reader at www.universityreaders.com . 3. Paragraph paper due January 10. Lecture Notes: Western Religions (covered second in the class) o 1 st world religion: Judaism- Jesus was a Jew o 2 nd : Christianity- critique of Judaism
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Unformatted text preview: o 3 rd : ± Islam- Jews and Muslims closest link • Eastern Religions (covered first in the class) o 1 st : ± Hinduism ± Buddhism • Chinese Religions o Confusionism o Taoism- Lao Tos • Film watched in class: o What is religion? ± Documentary film about people’s views on their religion created by on of Dr. Burris’ former students....
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