course hero 3 - ± Marked by pride o Titans ± Jealousy o...

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February 19, 2007 Monday Announcements: 1. Sarah’s hours: Wednesday 11:30-2:30. If you visit her you get 2 extra credit points on the next exam. 2. Film for extra credit- in HPA-1 Rm#112. 7-8:30pm. “Born Rich” 3. Handout on Thich Nhat Hanh’s Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings. Look over it for next class. 4. Group quiz moved to Wednesday. 5. Exam on Monday. Lecture Notes: Doing social work is working on yourself o Being is interbeing The essence of Buddhism is to make you more mindful. o Simplify psychological life. 2 forms of Buddhism that predominate: o Zen (more certain, definite, and pragmatic) o Tibetan (more metaphysical) ± World of energy or spirit, not physical substance. Buddhism about being right here, right now! Tibetan Buddhism: o There are 6 worlds we can be reborn into: ± Bhavacakra (wheel of life) Divided into 6 parts o Human ± Most desirable rebirth ± Marked by desire o God ± Most pleasurable but not most desired
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Unformatted text preview: ± Marked by pride o Titans ± Jealousy o Animals ± Least desirable rebirth because affiliated with ignorance o Hell ± Marked by anger ± Inability to recognize that what you can’t accept, you are responsible for. o Hungry Ghost ± Lust • When 1 st born as a human, you must have come from being an animal before • Animals are scared about: o Starving and not having sex. • Can obtain enlightenment from human realm, but not in gods realm. o Born as a god and have no troubles in life- you are too comfortable and don’t want to move forward and achieve anything. • Human and animal are the physical realms • Ghosts, titans, gods, and hell are the metaphysical realms (dream-like) • Hell- for you to recognize that anger is not acceptable • Hungry ghost wants to satisfy in a particular way. o Eating and having sex • Must start as animal and then become human....
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course hero 3 - ± Marked by pride o Titans ± Jealousy o...

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