course hero 4 - It leads people to think more than one...

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March 19, 2007 Monday Announcements: 1. Paper due on Monday, March 26 th on the Adam and Eve story. 2. Test scores were handed back, if you have any questions or concerns, visit Mr. Burris during his office hours. Lecture Notes: Origins of the Bible o Rise of the Monarchy 1,000- 922 BC ± David and Solomon ± Great Schism Israel o Weaker o E Writer (Elohist) Judah o Stronger, more empowered territory o J Writer (Yahwist) o Assyrians take over (sach) Israel 722 BC o First two writers of the Bible are E and J 500-700 BC (will be an exam question!) ± E probably read J’s part of the Torah before he wrote his own part. o Torah- 1 st five books of the Bible ± Genesis ± Exodus ± Leviticus ± Numbers ± Deuteronomy o There are two creation stories in the Bible
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Unformatted text preview: It leads people to think more than one person wrote the Bible and there is more than one story to everything. o P is the later writer chronologically, but in your Bible at home, he is the first writer. (his stories are first in your Bible at home) o 480 BC- Ezra (Redactor) Compiled all books into the Bible today (put Torah together) o J Writer could possibly have been a woman! 1 st to chronologically write the Bible o Moses didnt write any of the Torah, but could have started the stories as oral traditions. 2 Wings of Religion o Prophetic Israel Miracles Moses o Priestly Judah Organizes the miracles Aaron Continue film on Ten Commandments!!...
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course hero 4 - It leads people to think more than one...

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