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First Exam Statistics, Spring 2006 New York University Inst. Luis J. Hall ID___________________________________ SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question. Solve the problem. 1) A manufacturer of cellular phones has decided that an assembly line is operating satisfactorily if less than 5% of the phones produced per day are defective. To check the quality of a day's production, the company decides to randomly sample 40 phones from a day's production to test for defects. a. Define the population of interest to the manufacturer. b. Define the variable of interest? 2) Draw two comparative graphs describing the following information: Median = 4, Average = 6, Standard Deviation = 6, Kurtosis = 1.5, Skew = 2. Median = 6, Average = 4, Standard Deviation = 1, Kurtosis = -1.5, Skew = -2. Solve the problem. 3) (20 points) The managers of a corporation were surveyed to determine the background that leads to a successful manager. Each manager was rated as being either a good, fair, or poor manager by his/her boss. The manager's educational background was also noted. The data appear below: Educational Background Manager Rating H. S. Degree Some College College Degree Master's or Ph.D. Totals Good 7 6 23 3 39 Fair 8 17 45 17 87 Poor 4 1 3 26 34 Totals 19 24 71 46 160 a) What proportion of the managers had earned at least one college degree? b)
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Midterm_I_Spring_06A - First Exam Statistics, Spring 2006...

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