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Exam II my cheat sheet

Exam II my cheat sheet - of further binding w sperm...

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of further binding w/ sperm membrane. * Direction uterine contraction Early estrus = uterus→oviduct Late to early metestrus= oviduct→uterus * Oviduct parts from uterus→ovary= Isthmus, amp, infindibulum * 5 distinct sources (endocrine glands) of repro hormones- placenta, hypothalamus, andrenal gland/uterus, ovary, anterior pituitary. * Explain a) events associated w/ stigma formation, follicle rupture, & oocyte expulsion (ie ovulation) in cow. b) what specific hormone started these events? A– prior to ovulation E2 causes cells to take-up H2O & increase blood flow. This cuases graf. fol. to develop stigma. Preovulatory surge of LH causes stigma to rupture (ovulation). Stigma formation caused by LH disassociating cumulus cells, P4 is released causing collagenase, PGE2= plasma activator PGF stimulates * 3 items which would affect lifespan of CL? – IUD, Preg, inf/dx. * a. Briefly describe events ass. w/ maternal recog. of preg. – trophoblastic cells produce IFN-T. IFN-T causes uterine
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