#3 - Brock Parks Response Paper#3 11 September 2007"The...

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Brock Parks Response Paper #3 11 September 2007 “The second child, now twenty-seven years old, is Roland G. Fryer Jr., the Harvard economist studying black underachievement. The white child also made it to Harvard. But soon after, things went badly for him. His name is Ted Kaczynski.” This is not the typical story of white success and black downfall. This seemed to me a twisted note to end a book on. However, in preparation for this paper I reviewed several sources who discussed Ted Kaczynski. I then realized that his story was perfect material for Freakonomics . In a book that attempts to establish just how warped our world can be; an abused black boy who outdid a pampered white boy is perfect. It truly shows just how wrong our perception of normal truly is in today’s society. These misconceptions are well illustrated in the book’s main points. It looked at five key points of society’s misinterpretations. We first looked at how schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers are interrelated. What? What does sweet Mrs. Smith from the second grade have to do with a sweaty 500 lb monster from the Orient? They share a desire to see others succeed. Both are willing to breach their own integrity to ensure the success of others. A sumo wrestler will allow an opponent to come close to beating him; rather than the typical tradition of destroying the opponent. He does this to protect the honor
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#3 - Brock Parks Response Paper#3 11 September 2007"The...

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