WalMart - the land mass of Tampa Florida), these stores and...

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Hobie O’Connor Wal-Mart’s Environmental Impact on the Globe As Wal-Mart nears seven thousand stores in more than sixteen countries their environmental impact on the world increases exponentially. Wal-Mart’s massive size and voracious growth mean that Wal-Mart needs a global plan to turn its machine towards a green ending. After numerous cover up’s and scandals Wal-Mart’s true colors were exposed. Water pollution, electrical waste, hazardous materials, and it’s blind eye to build on historical and endangered places are a few topics that Wal-Mart has had to speak about in recent rallies against them. In 2005 Wal-Mart paid the world’s largest fine for water pollution. In America alone Wal-Mart stores cover one hundred and seventeen square miles of land (equal to
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Unformatted text preview: the land mass of Tampa Florida), these stores and parking lots contribute directly to what is referred to as non-point source water pollution. This is the leading cause of water pollution in the world. In 2005 Wal-Mart had to pay upwards of $5.5 million dollars in fines to four states for non-point source water pollution(8/1/05; Forbes). In other countries Wal-Mart has been accused of dumping waste into rivers and bays. In the United States Wal-Mart has tried to take steps to clean up their waste but in other countries where fines, and laws are not in place Wal-Mart has turned a blind eye to the problem. Currently China is cracking down on Wal-Mart facilities are has stated that Wal-Mart must clean up their act or face harsh punishment in the near future....
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