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Catherine The Great Outline

Catherine The Great Outline - an end she humiliated him in...

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Catherine The Great Outline/Essay Topics Intro: Catherine had a “thirst” of power and domination Led to her plotting against her own husband (Peter III). She never looked back on making sure that no one could overthrow her Enlightened Despotic rule. Body Paragraphs: 1. Education a. Catherine opened up 3,000 schools throughout Russia in which she believed to help out the minds of small children. She wrote the manual for which the children to become educated. Did not open more schools because if more people became educated, there would be more questioning within her Empire (She did not want another French Revolution). Also, there are a lack of teachers in Russia. 2. Capital Punishment a. Catherine wrote in the Nakaz that there would be no forms of capital punishment. Yet as Pugachev’s rebellion came to
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Unformatted text preview: an end, she humiliated him in public and secretly beheaded him. This showed that she had complete control of the Russian Empire. 3. Economy a. The Russian economy during Catherine’s reign had been positive. She had used the Russian agriculture with some international credit. She had opened the free economic society in Russia. Even though she had a lot of economic successes, she refused multiple attempts for monopolies to enter Russia fearing they could control too much. C’s: Control, Circumstance, Consensus, Coercion, Conjecture, and Conjuncture. Great ideas, but never implemented. She imported spets to help modernize Russia. Legislative Body (council): asked for advice, but Catherine always made the final decision....
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