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Unformatted text preview: Western Civ Notes 7/10 War of the Spanish Succession (1700) Problem with the heir of Spain HRE and France had familial ties with the Spanish throne. England pulls out in 1713 o Utrecht Newfoundland, Hudson Bay Asiento: Slave Trade (?) 17141740: Peace Maria Theresa (1740) Could not be HRE Empress Husband ruled (she controlled) Invasion of Russia France vs. Britain France vs. HRE Prussia vs. HRE Frederick the Great kept Silesia Aix la Chappelle revisionist power Austria needs new alliance France. Diplomatic Revolution Reinforced by Marie Antoinette & Louis XIV France was big on trade Duquesne Forts around the Ohio River Valley FrenchIndian War (Seven Years War) (17561763) 1762 Russia comes to power allies with Prussia England has HUGE debt. Frederick the Great had a fiscal crisis First servant of the state Religious tolerance let the Jews in Imports tax collectors from France Mandates education Thalers (Prussian currency) Joseph II Not economically or militarily competitive Reduces # of serfs work days o Puts them on other projects Eliminates tariffs Does not like the philosophes 1675 Maria Theresa's husband died abolished serfs unequal punishment Gave jews civil rights Christians furious Many Languages (inefficient) Makes German official language Leopold I undid everything Joseph did Edmund Burke Chaos Pontiac's Rebellion Proclamation of 1763 Navigation Acts 23:43 23:43 ...
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  • Summer '08
  • Maria Theresa of Austria, Frederick II of Prussia, Seven Years' War, Western civ notes, HRE Empress, Spain HRE

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